How to Make a Difference in Revenue Cycle Management

America's Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

Orion HealthCorp understands the growing need for true Revenue Cycle Management in healthcare today and has dedicated itself to expand and develop new ideas and products to meet those needs. You can make a major difference in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) by using these aspects of Orion's services: 

  • SAS70.pngAssembly Line Systematic Process
  • Dedicated Expert Team of RCM Professionals
  • Focus on Quality
  • Client Relations and Proactive Communication
  • Reporting
  • Transparency (Client has access to PARCS, you see what we see)
  • Proprietary Software Solutions (PARCS, MDInsuranceAuth, MDEreferral)
  • CMS ComplianceSOC-Service_Org_B_Marks_2c_Web_Scaled.png
  • Regulatory Compliance


Orion HealthCorp is one of the largest Revenue Cycle Management Companies (RCM) in the United States with a strong Practice Management background. Originally started in 1985 as three individual RCM companies, they merged in 2004 to create Orion HealthCorp. As a result a national RCM company was born. Since 2004 Orion has grown by leaps and bounds providing services for more than 3,700 Physicians in 18 states

Orion HealthCorp has a strategic presence in the United States with offices in California, Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia and New York. Our mission is to provide our service to all healthcare professionals from single Physician practices to large hospital based practices. Orion is achieving its goals by increasing revenue for clients with superior billing processes, cost reduction savings and practice management implementation.

Download Orion HealthCorp's

Revenue Cycle Management Case Studies

Access all the information you need about our revenue cycle management strategies and see how we can achieve results for your practice. We explain the initial problem faced by the client, the steps we took, and the financial results. Download your copy of the case study guide here.


Revenue Cycle Management Case Studies