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How Much Does Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Software Cost?

Posted by Orion HealthCorp.

A hospital’s cost of using Revenue Cycle Management software is dependent upon a thorough assessment of its individualized medical billing and collections needs. Your provider must be able to complete a detailed review of your practice operations and come to a conclusion and RCM strategy. Below we discuss the major factors involved in pricing.

Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management, which solutions work for your practice?hospital_revenue_cycle_management

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Practical RCM Cost

Orion’s RCM software offers full-service and standalone medical billing solutions customized to accommodate your hospital’s specific needs. State-of-the-art RCM software technology delivers a highly versatile platform formatted for large hospitals and hospital-affiliated surgery centers. A high quality medical billing company has the potential of increasing revenues up to 25 percent.

Hospital RCM Software

OrionHealthCorp is a leading national RCM company providing medical billing services to hospitals and hospital-affiliated surgical centers through innovative software solutions, including:

  • Electronic Referrals via MDeReferral
  • Eligibility and Benefits Verification via MDEligibility
  • Patient Pre-Authorization via MDInsuranceAuth
  • Timely and Proper Claims Submission via PARCS software with system metrics
  • Follow-Up and Denial Management through 10-day automation
  • Specialties and Litigation

Orion maximizes medical claims reimbursement through:

  • Tenacious pursuit of every collectible dollar
  • To-the-letter compliance with ever-changing regulations and coding complexities
  • Thorough and methodical tracking of correspondence
  • Superior management of short-term cash flow and long-term income generation

Leader in Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Services

Orion HealthCorp specializes in:

  • Producing RCM software customized for your hospital’s needs
  • Integrating RCM software solutions with your hospital’s existing system

OrionHealthCorp’s Full Cycle RCM services are specially designed to:

  • Increase cost-effectiveness in medical billing
  • Provide greater data compilation uptime
  • Expand the understanding of the level of risk a hospital is managing
  • Improve overall reliability of production

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Orion HealthCorp specializes in providing innovative RCM software technology solutions to hospitals based upon a thorough assessment of their specific needs. Our unique positioning in the hospital RCM software industry has made us a leader in revenue management and claims processing. 

To learn more, feel free to view our RCM Guide to explore workflows for RCM and strategies to optimize your claims process. Download your free copy of the guide here.