Electronic Referral System

Provider Electronic Referrals

Medical Billing & Coding

MDeReferral is a web-based service whereby providers can send electronic referrals straight to the participating diagnostic facilities of their choice. This service relieves providers of having to rely on patients to schedule the procedures. It also eliminates the need for paper referrals.

Important information about MDeReferral:

  • It is an electronic system for sending referrals
  • A PCP can login to the web serviece and submit a referral to specialist
  • Specialists can receive notifications and can proactively schedule the patient
  • A PCP will receive a notification that patient was scheduled
  • Specialist can provide visit results so that they go back to PCP electronically
  • Updates could be processed manually or through EMR integration.


Medicare Compliance

MDeReferral is designed to help guide providers through the process of writing Medicare compliant referrals and improves overall physician practice management. Our question and answer format ensures that all referrals meet Medicare requirements.


Schedule Referrals

Immediate Scheduling

Providers can add insurance information, locations, and their electronic signature to be able to send referrals quickly in just a few easy steps. Facilities then have the capability to schedule immediately, which results in an easy, hassle-free process for the patient.

To learn more about our systems available for referrals, you can receive a demo here. If you have any questions about referrals, please contact our Specialists team.