Medical Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Orion Eligibility & Benefit Verification

What is Medical Eligibility Verification?

Medical Eligibility Verification is the process Physicians follow to verify a patient’s benefits and ensure they receive payment for the services or treatments provided.

Having a timely eligibility verification system can save your practice time, cut costs, and help you receive patient payments faster.

Medical eligibility verification is the first step in the revenue cycle management process and can determine whether your claim is submitted successfully or will be denied or take excess time.


How to Verify Insurance Eligibility and Benefits

Orion’s insurance eligibility and benefits verification service obtains all pertinent information required to verify and submit insurance eligibility verification on behalf of your practice or group. This information includes:

  • Coverage confirmation
  • The type of coverage the patient has
  • Deductible information
  •  How much of the deductible has been applied
Having all necessary information generates more revenue and reduces administrative costs.

Medical Insurance Verification software

To verify patient insurance, Orion offers clients MDEligibility, a web-based service that quickly assesses your patient insurance and provides verification status. 
MDEligibility increases office efficiency and staff productivity by eliminating man hours spent on insurance verification information. In turn, this solution reduces the number of claim delays and denials through receiving timely coverage response.
You can receive a demo of the medical insurance verification software. In the demo we walk-through the platform and provide patient insurance verification tips alongside the process. Watch the demo of the software here.

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MDEligibility increases office efficiency and staff production by eliminating hours on the phone or using multiple websites to obtain eligibility information. Further, it reduces the number of claim delays and denials by receiving timely coverage response.

To learn more about Orion's Eligibility and Benefit Verification solutions, you can download our Provider Guide for Patient Authorizations and Eligibility here.

Inside we discuss the main issues practices face with authorizations and eligibility and the solutions available.