Basics of Patient Pre-Authorization

Patient pre-authorizations allow providers to receive payments for their patient care. When providing your services to patients, you can pre-authorize their insurance. Patient insurance authorization services are a key instrument in maintaining your business's revenue cycle. Most claim denials occur when a patient is discovered to be ineligible for your medical services billed by the provider. To eliminate insurance denials and a longer payment process, pre-authorizing your patient's insurance is the top solution. 

How to Find Patient Authorization Services

Orion offers MDInsuranceAutha web-based service that allows providers to sign up online and submit prior authorization requests for all health insurance carriers. 

How the Authorization Service Works

You can either choose to submit your patient authorization online or you can fax your requests to the number we provide. For online submissions, you fill out a form with all required fields submitted. The form will include information about the patient, their insurance, the services you provided, and other specifics. Once you fill in all information, you submit and the authorization will be sent to our Specialists for verification. 

An On-Demand Specialist is assigned to work on the request, coordinate all needs with the insurance companies, complete all follow up, and send results expediently back to the provider.

Our success rate in obtaining insurance authorization approval is over 95%.

To see the authorization portal in action, you can watch a patient authorization demo. Inside the demo we show the steps involved and the required fields for your patient authorization submissions.




PROVIDER GUIDE FOR AUTH.pngThe Benefits Involved in the Authorization Service

  • Orion reduces the provider’s overhead by relieving the time consuming administrative burden of obtaining insurance authorizations for their patients.
  • Data fields for online request forms are pre-populated with your provider information to save you time.
  • MDInsuranceAuth reduces paper by maintaining your authorization records electronically.


If you would like to learn more about the solutions available for your practice, you can download our Provider Guide for Patient Authorizations here.